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JP Represents Origin Story

Is there a second sun? Maybe I’m doing my part by doing my own observations,and maybe Nancy Matters, and when I have a better idea of what is happening I will do my best to describe z findings. If you know me [and if I’m anything like you], I don’t like to be the last to know. You are not the last to know that I am about to begin the journey of an all-new website/blog called Origin Story.

And here I am trying not to mix metaphors.

The citrus trees are blooming, but with record-low levels of total rainfall this season (under 7″ total), what should be a great weather year is turning into more of a struggle. California should have anywhere between 30-40″ this season but it’s not in the cards for us home growers. So rather than drone on about that crap I’ll give it to you straight – “reperception” will remain on youtube – but my new focus is “Origin Story” (also on youtube)! I’ve got some plans for this as I discussed recently on The Rogge Report.

Origin Story is a life work focused not only of where I came from, it also points to a multitude of factors influencing everyone’s lives in the most unusual, possibly deceptive and violent manner. If your family has an irrational reverence toward doctors, politicians, religion or educators – this story will keep your interest. It’s part hero’s journey and some not so simple twists.

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