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When I realized there were no less than 50 “programs” on television last weekend to celebrate a very long-held, old lie called Apollo 11, I could only think of one picture I modeled for a long time ago… When you hear a word like “occulted” know that when it is referencing a thought or idea or concept, it merely means “hidden” information.

And we have been displaced from important information. Many people I meet have attempted to make me feel otherwise. In fact, I have been made to feel small and insignificant. I liked Modest Mouse at one point. Johnny Marrs was the end of that, though I’m not exactly sure why. The point being that I am finding out how huge I am, without any contract looming over my head. I see a lot of lies, and a lot of deception, but I have not figured out the best way to share all of my ideas. I had fears and I must still be hanging on to a few because I still have been yet to follow what I truly love in some sense. I’ve said many times I’m not motivated by money, but fear of not having any set me back ages. Now that I’m not as worried as I once was, I find myself at a loss for how to really invest in myself, so this website is my guilty pleasure.

Yeah, so hidden deep inside all of us, particularly the ones barely awakening, is the ability to share. If there’s one idea I’d like to share is that we’d never know what was missing if we thought we were always awake. Count one for modesty.

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