Reperception Podcast


The idea of Venus, the planet, evokes so many thoughts. All of those thoughts are to be reperceived starting now. The oldest texts by the most insightful authors tell you the moon is a luminary. I have spent a growing number of hours observing the features of the sky, recently, but astronomy was the first profession I ever considered interesting. But nothing we were taught in school makes sense anymore and the information we were taught does not hold true to me today. A luminary is a self-illuminated light source. The moon emits its own light, not reflecting the light of the sun as we were taught. That story never made much sense anyway, but when you hold it up with some of the greatest minds you quickly come to understand things are not as they seem. Had I ignored the requirements (knowing how to figure things, on yellow pads) I’d probably would have come to these conclusions on my own. I also remember looking at sun spots when I was that young age. Maybe my 9th or 10th. year, my sister gave a small telescope, complete with a solar filter. It was amazing, but the accompanying book was the turnoff. I would look through telescopes any chance I got in the many years since, but never got into star seeking until more recently, the past few years. Even More recently I began to take pictures of the moon and I keep my eyes open for an update to my 6″ Celestron. The more I watch the moon, the more open my mind stays to new thoughts. This time I’m not as quick to believe, but through observation and study, I can eventually know. Knowing is an important key to our entrance into the age of Aquarius. More on that later, but do keep in mind we were all small living boys and girls, somehow we were made to feel otherwise.

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