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Who Cares About Roe vs. Wade?

When you KNOW the beginning of when life begins, fertilization, does it matter how the word “conception” gets redefined? That’s why Roe vs. Wade is back in the news yet again… Janet Yellen, of all the monsters on this planet, should not have any consideration in this “matter” to begin with. She’s disgusting, and has been a part of the propaganda ministry for too long, and her words on what impact this will have on the economy, much less women!, is sincerely shocking, disgraceful and she deserves a kick in her withered nuts. The impact of abortions being reduced to an economic hardship is one step beyond the pale of dishonesty and to be real, she’s answering in an off-handed way, the beautiful letters written by some very important minds. Any way, who cares when you know that the beginning of life starts at fertilization, not conception? This is yet another disgusting attempt to persuade and trick the masses unaware of the fact that the violent cutting of the umbilical cord already renders, by legal definition, everyone who was subject to “traditional” cutting off of the umbilical cord from the placenta an abortion. She and everyone else that plays a role of the Federal Reserve is a disgrace in every sense of the word. It’s no secret to those who know better that banks are suffering from a lack of surety that comes with every placenta which gets registered. Shame on you, you hag.

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