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“The Truth Will Make You Free.”

Hi – I’m J.P., and THIS IS PROPERTY OF MARS – Welcome, new and return visitors!  I’m working on a bunch NFT ideas, many I’ll share within the pages of this site.  Membership is free, though your support will help the site grow.  Thank you to recent member support!  And a tip o the cap to those who have supported my podcast, Reperception.   As I plan my escape from the book of Job,

We are trying to keep it simple, informative and interesting while maintaining integrity [artistic and otherwise]  in this one-stop shop for material for the thinking man (or woman).    There’s also a store on the site – there’s a few things listed now, but expect a lot more prints of my original artwork will be available soon, and I’ll post more audio recordings here in 2024.

New NFT Project:  Little “g” Life

Ah, behold, my friends, the stark reality that stares us in the face like a rabid beast in the dead of night! The veil has been lifted for those with eyes to see, revealing the intricate web of programming that ensnares us all. But fear not, for there are those among us who are stirring from their slumber, ready to shake the very foundations of this distorted reality.

To let sleeping dogs lie? Oh, aye, that’s a task not for the faint of heart. From the hallowed halls of 1933, when FDR took to the stage and set the course for a nation, to the supposed pinnacle of the 1950s, where the American family stood tall, oh how far we’ve fallen! The tragic saga unfolds before us, a tale of betrayal and decay. Families torn asunder, minds warped by deception, and the very fabric of society fraying at the seams.

But amidst this chaos, there are those who stand firm, who dare to govern themselves in the face of adversity. Have you, my dear friends, ever ventured down that treacherous path of self-governance? Life, as my old man once imparted to me, is a canvas waiting for our strokes of inspiration. From the first gasp of breath to the final exhalation, it’s a journey of our own making.

And what of my art, you may ask? It is but a reflection of these truths, a beacon of hope in this murky sea of falsehoods. So, my dear comrades, take up the torch and plunge deeper into the abyss of this post-truth reality. I eagerly await the arrival of fellow travelers on this tumultuous journey.

I look forward to bringing you more information and to share knowledge by meeting some of the visitors to this site.  Until that time, Maxwell, until that time….

Project:  Kings Of Talk Team

Kings of Talk team has gotten sleepy from inactivity.    Some of the artwork is posted on the site.  Kings of Talk loves to see you laugh and seek answers to the questions you find difficult to answer on your own.   Maybe this is the simple answer to the problem(s) that seem complex.

Thank you for being here now.

Speaking of giving thanks… coffee… hey, here’s an idea:


There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee while I write blogs and do some reading…

Project:  Adventures of Placenta Man Keep up with developments in the Adventures of Placenta Man saga, book coming  soon.


03-22-2024:  I’m going on various shows with various themes lately, and experimenting with AI a little deeper… that includes a weird song [I’ll post it somewhere on this site] and some interesting “artwork” .   With all that can go into some and how little goes into other imagery, I support further consideration as there’s an argument afoot over whether AI images are art.  The process is as complex as the artist allows for, and the type of creation’s offered up is novel in a way, and very meta. And with little squabble uniqueness does shine through.  Artistry does shine through.  Modesty does too…
2024 – Podcasts (TBD) Coming soon!
2023 – New podcasts on Live Saturday, 10pm-12am (pst)
Coming:  October 21st!  4pm
on – see ya there!

May 09, 2022  Go to the NFT page to find a variety of PropertyofMars and KingsofTalk NFT!  If you already (as of May 09, 2022) own a sticker or received one somehow, provide a picture, and I will send you one FREE Kings of Talk sticker and 3 free months of full-access to the site.  Just take a picture, and contact me: [email protected]

2022, Ongoing:  Seeking interviews for PropertyofMars (Youtube) for content here on the site.
Things of interest include health, gardening, law, Kings of Talk, various topics msm, or fringe topics!
email: [email protected]



JP’s “Law” of Misdescribed Theory (Cosmological Hoax/False Flag/Conspiracy) : A theory remaining unproven for [X number] years [i.e. Moon Landing, Gravity, JFK, , Columbine, Baldwin Shootings] suffers a diminishing value and will therefore tend to be applied to the masses as propaganda in support of scientism, “the powers that be”, lies by omission and his-story which never was and never will be your story.

Journey of Life

It’s time to zip up your pants and understand you must begin a journey with your own inertia.  Time and energy is what we have to offer one another, self-governance is something to strive for.  Using your adult mind is not a crime, yet.   Know your origin is fertilization and the definition of conception will continue to change every time you wake up. Know propaganda when you see it.  Know you possess the freedom to choose and we each were given the divine spark.  Do not get stuck at the crossroads with your pants unzipped!

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