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Welcome to the site! I’m JP!!  You have landed on a website I’ve created for people who have drawn a line in the sand, I realize there are many circumstances that led you here, and maybe you are just seeking something different.  Have propaganda and lies by omission kept you in the dark?   Were you not given any secret handshakes yet still know the problem persists?  Have a read or navigate the site, where you’re going to find information you’ll find in very few places.  We’re not a secret club or interested in programming you, we’ve all suffered through enough of that.   Now it’s time to get to business… de-program, relearn and find out what it really means when you hear “The Truth Will Make You Free.”


There’s a lot here to learn for empowering an “I am” position. I am building a series of videos that will help open your eyes to some of the most unbelievable lies and corruption by understanding the “matter of fact,” a concept so brilliant almost nobody understands it. It’s my legal series and to help support this I will be working on a series of interviews for your listening enjoyment from voices from around the world of podcasting. Also, I will be adding some fun audios I have amassed over the years for a truly unique, out of this world laugh.

I have created several podcasts over the years, including Reperception Podcast and Origin Story and have been on many shows covering a wide array of topics.  One day,  I awoke to the understanding my role as part of “The Bomb Factory,” thinking I was helping people until I finally realized I was merely following a careful set of rules that over time proved to be ineffective and damaging in many ways.  I’m not LEFT or RIGHT, but I don’t care if you are. I bobbed and weaved my way through a maze of misfits, conspiracy tales, UFO madness, controlled opposition and straight up lies to finally wash up on shore,  ready to reassess the world the way I always knew I would. I don’t have any mind tricks or games to play. I like to think that for every failure I came up a winner, and it’s time to complete the circle and come home for the first time. discusses interesting aspects of culture such as cryptocracy, drawing connections to what drives the world’s social, financial, political systems and we will possibly get psychedelic on occasion. As I noted, it’s not all heavy, I’m posting conversations I have had around the web over the years with friends I’ve made, and we don’t always agree on things as you’ll see .   You won’t want to miss out on the fantastic journey of life & sidestep participation in the Jornada del Muerto.

I’ve been on several podcasts for the past 10 years, before that a blogger always searching for the “matter of fact” which has impacted us all.  If you have a story to tell, I’m open, especially if it’s a story that skirts the MSM narrative.  From esoterica to origin stories, law and open discourse, this site will have it all.  Not looking for more division bells but I‘m welcome to new ideas and different views. 

It’s time to end the apathetic ways of prior generations. In 1933, when FDR consecrated the USA,  things changed  for the worse.  The 1950’s, by recollection of  those  who were alive  at the time, may have been the pinnacle for family life in America.   What has happened since has been a tragic destruction of the family unit, separation, division, lies, deception, drug abuse, fear, weapon development, the rise of ghetto life, debt,corruption and a lowering  of the standards in our diet, just to name a few.  I respect those who can self-govern!  But have you ever self-governed?  One thing my father told me as a child is that life is what you make it.  I have one timeline that began with my  first inspiration until that final expiration.  Until that time, Maxwell, until that time….

Kings Of Talk Team

Entertainment that’ll help you forget about a tough day at home, work or play.   Laugh worries away as Kings of Talk Team takes you along on a personal journey of self-discovery, with vivid stories and funny songs and serious discussions about our ever-changing world as told by our friend, Kings of Talk (and friends).  Kings of Talk loves to see you laugh and seek answers to the questions you find difficult to answer on your own.   Maybe this is the simple answer to the problem(s) that seem complex.

Thank you for being here now.


May 09, 2022  Go to the NFT page to find a variety of PropertyofMars and KingsofTalk NFT!  If you already (as of May 09, 2022) own a sticker or received one somehow, provide a picture, and I will send you one FREE Kings of Talk sticker and 3 free months of full-access to the site.  Just take a picture, and contact me:

2022, Ongoing:  Seeking interviews for PropertyofMars (Youtube) for content here on the site.
Things of interest include health, gardening, law, Kings of Talk, various topics msm, or fringe topics!


JP’s “Law” of Misdescribed Theory (Cosmological Hoax/False Flag/Conspiracy) : A theory remaining unproven for [X number] years [i.e. Moon Landing, Gravity, JFK, , Columbine, Baldwin Shootings] suffers a diminishing value and will therefore tend to be applied to the masses as propaganda in support of scientism, “the powers that be”, lies by omission and his-story which never was and never will be your story.

Journey of Life

It’s time to zip up your pants and understand you must begin a journey with your own inertia.  Time and energy is what we have to offer one another, self-governance is something to strive for.  Using your adult mind is not a crime, yet.   Know your origin is fertilization and the definition of conception will continue to change every time you wake up. Know propaganda when you see it.  Know you possess the freedom to choose and we each were given the divine spark.  Do not get stuck at the crossroads with your pants unzipped!