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Welcome to XYOrigin.XYZ

An original podcast and livestream from the mind of Reperception Podcast.  Origin Story is my new project but I am bringing all my reperceptions with me. is going to be helping you identify the cryptocracy, draw connections to what has driven the world’s social, financial, political systems and we will possibly get psychedelic from time to time.  Plus, I’m posting relevant and not relevant conversations I have had around the web over the years.  You won’t want to miss out on the fantastic journey of life & sidestep participation in the Jornada del Muerto.

I’m collaborating with other shows all the time, I’m a frequent co-host/guest on Shift Happens, Transparency and Merit and several others you probably haven’t heard of.  If you have a great origin story to tell, I’m open, but I’m avoiding the MSM like the plague that it has always been.

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It’s time to end the apathetic ways of prior generations. In 1933, when FDR consecrated the USA,  things changed  for the worse.  The 1950’s, by recollection of  those  who were alive  at the time, may have been the pinnacle for family life in America.   What has happened since has been a tragic destruction of the family unit, separation, division, lies, deception, drug abuse, fear, weapon development, the rise of ghetto life, debt,corruption and a lowering  of the standards in our diet, to name a few.  Ready to stand up and – gasp – remember what it means to self-govern?  Did you ever self-govern?  One thing my father told me as a child is that life is what you make it.  Here I am, one timeline that began with my  first inspiration until that final expiration.


in the meantime, thank you for being  here now.

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I have a podcast and make videos – and I would spend a lot more time doing it, to discover people to have discussions with, create with vision and positive thought, research with and work a path forward.


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I’m looking for people to interview!


Journey of Life

It’s time to zip up your pants and understand you should be learning the difficult things on your own.  Using your adult mind is not a crime.  Yet…Know your origin is fertilization. Know propaganda when you see it.Know you possess the freedom to choose, so don’t get stuck at the crossroads.