Reperception Podcast

Concept of reperception podcast.


Even a phrase so simple,  “I do not consent,” may not mean what I think it means!  Reperception is a tool for my bettered communication. As enjoyable as it is expressing myself, I was often met with bewilderment and confused reactionst just about all time, and some of that is because the topics which interest me seek specialized knowledge, research – an adult mind.  Like most, I have found that I was not ready to break free from the true man’s show, to take full responsibility for One’s life.  To put on my pants, one leg at a time, while also recognizing there may not be a real living man (or woman) in this whole m’fkn feto-maternal country/reality.  Are you an American?

Knowing One’s origin may be part of the massive shifts we are currently experiencing now, but I was not the only one who foresaw this system of non sustainability for what it is at its core.  Am I not a living man? Do you think the Butlerian Jihad not only happened before, but it’s about to happen again?

Let’s reassess the world.

Censorship has become a major concern for everyone.  I’ve been affected directly, a couple of my best videos were removed by the big platform’s censorship rules.  My work is considered “hate speech,” or  whatever, by social network’s Orwellian red-flags truly artificial intelligence.  I do offer a premium membership, join it to hear uncensored speech in all of its intended glory.  I don’t  want your  money unless  you agree  you are in a comfortable, fun and challenging place you feel good about supporting.  My free-speech zone is  your free-speech zone. If you want to kick start this process, go ahead and join and  you’ll have  access to  videos you won’t  find anywhere else.  It’s dirt cheap anyway.  

(maybe) It’s time to begin your reperception!