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Little “g” Life

Little “g” Life is now an NFT!  I will post more NFTs, and NFT Drops, that I create in the future.  For now revel in the glory that is Little “g” Life… For life!   There will be a lot of mint’ers out minting this shit, but only time will tell for sure.

Little “g” Life is acknowledging you know the difference between a story/realm (G)enesis, and reality, (g)enesis.  Don’t believe me, go look it up!  Are you going to accept an arbitrary “birthday” or acknowledge that fertilization is the beginning?  Give it some thought, we are moving away from an age of belief and now we have knowledge.  What took a philosophical pioneer such as Jordan Maxwell 15-20 years to research can now be summarized with very brief notices and a memo.  Yeah, it seems unfathomable but it really appears there are those with access to the “playbook” and the rest of us.  It’s taken be half a century to wise up just enough to allow these thoughts to percolate in my mind to the point where I’m able to now visualize something I had to learn, concept for concept… One lonely night after the next – but do consider this world reassessed.

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