Reperception Podcast

Tripped Up On Way To Finish Line

If you are still caught in systems of belief, you can step aside from that and know that you no longer have to merely believe in this post-truth world.  Reality has been served up, supported and and learned by those with the eyes to see.  Many are left without this type of “mind’s eye” or rather prefer to live a life shared with their brother’s and sisters.  Once I learned that life must be lived, 100% in reality, I realized that others who don’t live in reality but rather prefer a realm in which they own no property, and they prefer to conform to what they are told.  Even those I looked up to as a young man I have come to realize were super duped, plunged downward, buttocks facing up to be spanked by their true god, paperwork… a 2-d sheet of paper that ruled their every twist and turn…. and even raised their children to be the same dupes and rubes, company men.  Ego-heads with a pressure cooker full of steam ready to be served to the remaining masses.

This time though, I’m not saddened.  I am ready for the right membership, one I so chose to join and not one I had to be victimized and subsequently signed into for lack of knowledge.  Those days are done.  Choosing life just makes more sense.  My cognition goes beyond senses, ESP…  now  there’s an idea.

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