Reperception Podcast


I’m not the first and I will not be the last.

In the construct of time, I can stand tall knowing I continue to strive to be the man I know I am with no mistaken identity.

I have come across so many scams in recent months it has been sickening to watch. I shift my gaze to the potential, and that feels real. I have met people I can be close with, and I have met others who already have too much going on, or feel there is yet another lesson to learn. Devastating on some levels, but there is apparent life, will I have the strength to continue towards what is right or will I make a bad decision.

Follow up (March 21, 2021): After re-reading this, I must add that I am balls deep in Kurt Kallenbach’s material at – The “memoir” I had posted is HIS writing, but the journey is experience and knowing the meaning of his material. And when I say journey, it is a bit of a gift. If you are sick of the muck and want non-reduce able evidence that the chorion and maternal dna left at the hospital after baby JP was taken home is 2/3 of the equation missing from your pathetic life, check him out, and I as I learn the greater meaning behind the trinity (Intra – Extra – I am/presence) I will update with posts of my own memoir.

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