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Hope implies inaction, and as such is nothing but a mental illness. Hoping is akin to doing nothing and you really should get out more.

If you are broken, you must go all the way to your origin for any hope of putting Humpty back together with Dumpty.

I’m talking about how people are clinging on to every aspect of a false paradigm, forgetting the vessel they arrived in and in the process adopting all that comes from this miserable burn of a system. Dragging a lifetime of turds with them, compounded daily, of course. But are we at a terminal point in our existence?

My buddy told me he can’t even get quarters from his bank, tokens that he uses in the machine to do his laundry. We are only one, but we were given (by a violent act at “birth”) a second position. The reality is this, JP is but one. And so are you. Bats don’t have social security numbers. The difference between falling and flying is life.

“When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.” 1Corinthians13:11

If the mask is a corporate veil, taking it off for good is revelation. Is it ingenuity, or something earlier? So I thought of building a mannequin and dressing it up appropriately. When I entered the store, in lieu of putting a mask on my face, I manipulated the dressed up dummy to hold my payment method. Sure enough it paid for all the goods and I was exempted from loss of spirit. In fact it made people giggle and wonder “what if?” What is non-reducing? Went home and prepared a cilantro-based lentil soup to be slow-cooked over the next two days.

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