Reperception Podcast


A poem I wrote in 2007. It was ahead of its time at the time. The few who read it said “what?”

In the land of milk and honey

There are many lessons to learn about life

People, places and yeah, so many things

Politics and the genius media

The opposite sex delivers frequent ambushes

and at the most indecent hours

Money and the social strata

Spectrums everywhere

Where do you sit on the ADD spectrum?

Trends will catch up to you

Either you dress funny, or drive a gas guzzler against all reason

Or worst of all drive none at all (very unfortunate)

You work hard and you try. Lord knows you try.

And you are home; you are delivered

And you just read a nice time piece about the good ol’ days

You flip the cable channels

You’re feeling lucky

and close your eyes…

Click, click, click

Now open your eyes

“As Good As It Gets” on TBS

Click, click, click

NFL is still in pre-season

Click, click, click

Oh my god – suicide, robbery, fires, quakes and Michael Vick.

They say my voice is going to change

When the world says you’re wrong despite the

voices in your head

telling your right (rite)

The conflict lights a proverbial match under your ass

Your hot air balloon is flammable

Your Zeppelin just exploded all over your face

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