Reperception Podcast


I have always doubted it all, you know, when the others were saying one thing, I always knew there was an unexplored angle. I did not have to state where it came from, it was obvious all I had to do was try. The mind is a powerful tool, and I am capable enough to see the world through more experienced eyes without having lost an ounce of curiosity. Some doubters are getting another view of things. Some of it gives me pause and some of them poke their heads in the window now and again, but once I realized I’d have to examine all my footsteps and reassess what I would protest and what I would accept the smoke machines ceased blowing smoke, they won’t be coming back [in any meaningful manner]. And yet things started to happen, and my innate optimism once again could shine a little more brightly with newfound confidence and vigor. The power overcame me when I worked, or lay down to think and when I shot baskets, drove golf balls 250 yards or dodged the phone calls I knew were full of shit. There was always one thing on my mind: To help you fight all the way to the very end, where I would soak in what I always knew was there. I have no time to pretend. If I can’t separate what only exists in a second dimension from what truly opens my eyes – oh you know – laughing, touching, smelling and sharing with – if it can’t be it may be a sign I went down a dead end. There always seems to be an opening somewhere and the mysteries may want to die but I will fight for a real end as long and as I don’t wind up with a pile of what-ifs I’ll never have another worry. So many of us have come so far that turning your back is not an option. But how will I know what path is the right one for me? Save room for common sense and willing spirit.

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