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Production In A Higher Age


Speaking of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, have you ever felt like you were so on the right track and suddenly you feel the moment you begin to hit the skids and embark on a down slide?

My worlds began to collide, in a peculiar manner, on a social media app. I hate social media now – and it’s not for a lack of understanding. I had to look fear right in its face, and I’ve begun addressing this difficult task. There is no time for regression or backwards trajectory. We’re all, to some extent, caught in this world wide web – some are fighting their way to sunlight, real sunlight, not some digital rendering.

In this era of knowing, I have to use my strength to climb into the air. There are people who want to control it all but what kind of person are you? Someone who will sell out to keep a pathetic job or is it time to put down old ways and not only survive, but thrive?


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