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More frequently and all-too often I’m going through articles with commentary disabled. In his newsletter, Staying At Home In The Valley, Senator Bob Hertzberg (representing the San Fernando Valley) has added to the clown show by warning us to be safe and remind us about the stay-at-home order here in Los Angeles county. Bob also reminds us we’re able to contact his office, which seems at 1st glance to be a good gesture. I see it as a way of disbursing the crowd so they don’t gather ’round the real campfire by not allowing comments at the entry’s conclusion. I’d like the community to be allowed to comment at the source. And while I would have surely complemented Bob’s new stylish spectacles, I’d really like to gather with fellow valley residents to talk about this so-called order. The newsletter also includes the statistic stating “a total of 71,207 cases of COVID-19 in the San Fernando Valley.” Having lived most of my life in the valley, I find it strange that in my observations, the West Hills hospital has a static parking lot and I’ve yet to know or even hear of anyone I know who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. I realize he’s just another politician acting out his role as a representative of the people and as such it is sad that he’s just the same as the rest of the gooners and I guess I just have pathetically sad expectations of what politicians will provide. Covid-19 is an economic virus, not a deadly killer (and most certainly not requiring a potentially deadly vaccine) but you’ll never hear one of these maggots stand up to honestly discuss the truth behind what is happening to our beloved valley. There are people in my own family looking forward to any vaccine that will be heading to our reality before too long. Will they even care what is in it? I care. And pathetic newsletters like this only add to division that has already swept this land.

In case you care, you are welcome to reach out to this lying sack of sardines:


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