Reperception Podcast


Time you should be waking up. Welcome to the grand illusion, but we got work to do. I wasn’t 1st to get here but I shouldn’t be made to feel any less. There are some people who are just a little further down the road and not everyone can relay the information in such a trustworthy manner… I digress. But it should not matter where you are in this world, what matters is that you know most of the information about the world has mis-described how things are in actuality. Yeah, maybe for some it takes a leap to suggest there’s much more to the meaning of a quote by Virgil where the Twin Towers collapsed, but I say if you look at the details as hard and as long as I have, I just don’t think you would disagree. Because people much more wise than I am have thought on these matters. These people don’t have time to regurgitate all they know, everywhere they go, especially when the hardest fight is at home with those we love and our best (and even worst) friends. Children out in playgrounds, any time they aren’t stuck in a square classroom, that is… Point is, we have struck pay dirt and we have landed on a reasoning which by most people’s standards is not reasoning at all. [But it is.]

Look, we have heard the closest we can get to the truth of the matter that it has all been one big deception. Now what? Are we truth stuck in a end-user 911 loop?

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