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AI Was Asked: What type of website is propertyofmars?

What type of man or woman will enjoy ?

As an AI language model, I cannot determine with certainty who will enjoy a particular website or not. However, I can provide some general information about the website

Based on the content of the website, it seems to be geared towards people who are interested in space exploration and colonization, particularly on Mars. Therefore, individuals who have a keen interest in science, astronomy, and technology may find the website intriguing.

Additionally, those who are interested in the future of humanity and the potential for us to become a multi-planetary species may also enjoy the website. It could be appealing to people who are curious about the possibilities and challenges of living on another planet and how it could shape our society. [Actually, no…]

Ultimately, anyone who has an interest in space exploration and the potential for human colonization on Mars may find to be an informative and engaging website.

I better  get to work to define this site more clearly….  obviously my artwork cannot be deciphered by AI yet. . .

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