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Is there any way to know for sure what is happening? Yes. There is major reason for my telling you this and you are going to begin to notice the changes to the economy that actually work in your favor. While I’m not claiming my federal student loans are being wiped out, I have recently experienced something interesting. My student loan (for the masters degree program I completed at a private university some ten years ago…) is under review for what I claim was some pretty suspicious selling tactics at my enrollment that lasted throughout the program. Long story short, the remainder of my loan entered into a review and my loan went on forbearance until 2025. I didn’t ask for this forbearance, it was granted on my behalf when I requested this review. I feel this is just the beginning of a new era, and 12/21 of this year (which can also be read as 33) will usher in this new era under a great conjunction in the skies above. Debt is being reassessed, and while I do trust you keep your eyes open for what can be construed as the “mark of the beast,” such programs like NESARA and GESARA might just be that, but the burden of debt is dead


ly and frightening in some cases…

Just use judgement, be assertive – take time to help the world shift into the great place is can become. Just don’t be a fool about it.

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