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Ohio had a story that is being twisted by the mainstream, Tuesday, July 21st, 2020. The woman, Lotus, allegedly shot two police officers only a week after giving a compelling interview with Crrow777. And based on how that interview turned, maybe it’s not a surprise.

A 6-part video is still alive on Bitchute, but, as one person stated, the video was “very hard to watch for me, but she is claiming in video 2 that she was shot in the wrist, and men in the backyard with guns… if this is true, those articles explaining the incident are trash like all the rest.”

The signs were on the wall for something big to go down. “I knew when I watched one of her videos, when she said she was going to ask [Crow] to make the whole interview free, because it was her intellectual property, that this was going to go sideways.” My initial reaction was that this is clearly a person thinking on a totally different level when it comes to her knowledge of the law.

This story is compelling but it requires heavy vetting, a calm mind, and consideration for all different points of view.

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