Reperception Podcast


Is what you are seeing on television real? It can and has been demonstrated to be a fraud. I’m talking about the N.E.W.S (North, East, West and South – or where your major news outlets are sending your curiosity to rot) and the war for your mind. If mind precedes all, what are we all doing locking ourselves up in our homes, voluntarily! People have an opportunity to put their best foot forward and draw a line in the sand, but is it too late? I must rally every time I hear a news story from someone I know, I sure as heck don’t turn on the television for answers and I never will again. Contagion blew my mind, I watched it the other night (for research, of course) and when you compare our current (scripted) situation to the scripted movie, you see too much. But that’s not it. When you come to see the financial moves being made it is clear what we have before us is a believable distraction that most of your neighbors are buttering their popcorn and watching the show scared out of their mind. Education, politics, corporations will all be unrecognizable when this finishes. The iron fist is going to abuse your mind if you allow it to happen. Take a moment to look at the bigger picture and don’t be swallowed by the deception. Now is the time. You are more powerful than you ever were educated to know.

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