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The world you wake up to, say in 2 years – or better yet – let’s say in 2 months from now will be so noticeably different there’s no doubt you will start wondering how we all got to where we are. If you weren’t sure or afraid to ask, yes, it appears to be some sort of corporate fascism that is signing the paperwork while we are all sitting around at home. Meanwhile, today I was social distancing shamed by a man working at the store. During my purchase, he made sure to know that “yeah, we are, ya know.. doin’ the social distancing thing.” Whatever the hell that means. Yes, it made for a stressful transaction. And this afternoon I couldn’t help thinking about it, because it happened close to the city where I live, in the North San Fernando Valley in SoCal. It was clear this man had a personal problem with me and it was palpable. People possessed by the N.E.W.S (North East West and South is where their information will send your mind) are willingly allowing them to fulfill whatever agenda they want to fulfill. In the scariest possibility, Stockholm Syndrome runs rampant, men and women not only unable to say what they really think, but not giving a shit that they are unable to say what they want to say. The programming, while unravelling before our eyes is so brilliantly “plandemicked” (yeah, that’s my word, man) is not going to be seen by all. There is no reason to derail someone’s entire thought process, plant seeds instead. Hope that the timing is right, and your positive intent will reap massive yields. For now I am playing by the rules, perhaps I could have done a little better while I was out today. I sincerely hope that man realizes the situation for what it was… as the night becomes drenched from a steady pitter patter of rain on the glass. What we are about to see is not like your Norway socialism. The constitution wasn’t protected, but why was it taken out of the schools? When you bankrupt it all, then buy up the debt in return for ownership what is making you think this won’t happen?

Gaze at the beautiful architecture but never forget to check out the clouds and ask how they were built too. Everything that has been done in violation of natural rights faces revelation of method. Will that trickle down, sure. Will you still need to pay attention? Did my social rating decrease as a result?

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