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Did Annette Tell The Truth About Gorillas?

There’s so many things that can be said about this movie that it defies all sensibilities in a way that movies have lacked in ages. From the acid-washed use of the Sparks 50-year, 25 album music catalogue, to what could be (at least in this writer’s eyes) a determination about the legitimacy of gorillas that goes against all modern thought, particularly to those not familiar with Scopes Trial. Say what you will about this odd piece of art, but Sparks also released a Edgar Wright documentary about the bands 50+ year history, which sadly was snubbed by Questlove’s Summer of Soul doc. Since i have severe thoughts on my doubtfulness of Woodstock being the event it’s been sold as since 1969, I also find much of this story to be a snoozer in comparison, but I’m biased. Back to the gorillas, yeah, I have issues with the gorilla thing, are they real or just a Hollywood trick (Apes of God) or are they really in this world? Ok, and did Annette give us a clue? I’ll be the captain for this ride.

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