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I’ve heard it mentioned many times had the cell phone never been introduced to mankind, we’d all be speaking telepathically rather than thumb-inputting message after meaningless message through a text chat. I have always found that thread interesting, and I think about it a lot as it applies to my life. Back in my youth, in the 1980s, I used to have many “psychic” conversations with people in my life. Of course I’d catch myself doing it and I’d question my sanity. But I caught on quick there was more to it. Countless times it just happened that after not talking to a particular person after a long period of time, we’d pick up our conversation as if we had been talking all along. Many of the conversations I worked out in my mind, seemed to also have been worked out in their mind. It was the times when this seemed to not happen that I would try to figure out why the other party seemed out of touch with me. It was a mental game that got beaten out of me as mental health began to be promoted as a significant problem of those times. I recall talking myself out of those mental pathways, as it seemed out of touch with the times, besides what would anyone say if I mentioned this sort of idea. Nowadays, it’s not even shocking, even childish, but the introduction of cell phones put an end to those old ways and guess what. I’ve never been more out of touch with more people that used to be a more significant part of my life. Is this an admission of insanity, or a thought to ponder more heavily?

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