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We are firmly at the door of a new age. Pisces was everything that had to do with the water. Currency (current see), the birth (berth) certificated man and woman and various trappings of our time. Most of this lifetime has been spent under water, so to speak. But we see real change from the idea of water, as this change will elevate us from a state of belief, to a state of knowing as our realities shift to the air. Yes, crypto currency floats in the clouds, the desperate war for controlling our climate and we know the theory gravity will never become a law. I learned that car wheels are built the same distance from each the exact distance between train tracks. I’ve been saying for some time that we live in a post-truth reality and this will soon be known by all just what a charade it has all been. The information is no longer occulted, but how accessible is this information to the masses who still subscribe to the N.E.W.S. and false identity politics, and the lies that make up our his-story (including our wars, which were all based in lies).

The lies of hyper-materialism, the church and science will not be scoffed at, and those who sell truth via religion and the scammers of the world will soon all have eyes to see. Until then, have some tea and tobacco, kind help will be right here to serve you.

Pictured: Sherman, my favorite warrior

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