Reperception Podcast


One day a guy asked me my origin

And to my wondering eye appeared a laughable answer

“You were cloned, this became a tertium quid.”

And I thought about South Korean squid

Heads were down and one guy seemed to have more than nerve

He wanted to tell me “Things will calm down. The vaccine will happen, and by 2022, we’ll be ready to resume.”

MOD(e)is a method of dividing the intervals of the octave for melodic purposes or short for modification

People want to change for no reason at all

It’ll swarm your body with enzyme that uses RNA instead of DNA to encode genetic information, which reverses the usual pattern

Put it together backwards or forwards Mode/rna wants to put humanity

back or forward how many levels

How can we be sure

I’d suggest you stop laughing and KNOW your origin

What keeps you powerless

Unable to fly, and release on every person you ever met

I know it’s time, love is all you got so go with what you love

And I’ll tell 1 million more fertilization

And most will still respond conception – they won’t ever KNOW

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