Reperception Podcast


JP will be posting some of the best non-characterized websites in a series called REPERCEPTION’S MEDIA PICK OF THE WEEK.

This week is an easy one – Iron Realm media, which may require one more name change for the next several hundred years as we are leaving the Iron Age for a more enlightened metal… or so I’m told. Look, the team of regulars on Iron Realm appeal to my pace of thinking and speaking and a most important feature is that they truly listen. The way they move from their personal stories and apply them to some of the most perplexing (if not occulted) of our time. If tone and tenor was the standard by which to measure a show – this ranks up there with anything I’ve come across. From music to camera work, or looking up to the firmament to shamanic principles to daily gardening – Iron Realm Media has one of the best core groups gaining momentum. And if I’m going to dedicate some time on the computer, its great that I usually walk away saying “dang, these guys are my buds.”

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