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More From The Post-Truth Reality

One of the more interesting ideas I have come across lately comes from the people who recognize that the media is nothing more than a propaganda machine, BUT, they tell me, there is truth mingled in. No shit, that’s how guys like Alex Jones came to be and many others too. But finding grains of truth is self-evident for those who have put those gimmicks to rest. It reminds me of the most succinct quote I can recall (because I am just so enamored with all of the garbage in this world….):

“It is self-evident from One’s genuine vintage moment in the womb – called fertilization – to One’s last breath beyond the womb – called expiration – that One’s entirety is “all present and accounted for” without question or dispute. Thus, any decedent estate or Trust would be a contrived counterfeit or fraud and FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING.”

– dunno who said it, but thank you… and if you find this post magically, do say “hello”

These are such valuable words to assess and understand. One timeline, from the beginning, fertilization, to final expiration.

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