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Twilight Language Reviewed

Twilight Language

Michael Hoffman is the author Twilight Language and is one of, if not one of the most censored writers of our time.

Finding him, well, it’s not impossible, he has a wonderful website (albeit one that may prove slightly difficult to navigate, to be perfectly open, I don’t remember the steps I took to even get this book at the earliest possible opportunity) – But if you’re diligent and find some of his older interviews you find something astonishing. What he was discussing as far back (in my research) as 1999 is a lifetime of artistic and journalistic pursuits that have become foundational to the readers who already know and see the game. And he has not changed his tune in the rounds of interviews he participates in today. There may be a variety of ways to discuss what he has achieved, but this radical traditionalist philosopher and journalist has smashed through a veil of occulted material, dead matter, robot rulership and phenomenon purveyed by the common eye though previously unaware of just what it is has happened.

Twilight Language is about the processing of language (at least specific parts of language) which manifests as a highly choreographed neuro-linguistic programming structure that, as it may be more accurately described as an art rather than a science. This eliminates a massive section of a “dead-matter” ruled population who may scoff at such ideas, but it fits in nicely with the reader who has seen it all and doubts what they know more and more with every passing hoodwink, who recognize this bending of reality for ritualistic ends. When understanding what qualifies as Revelation of the Method doesn’t help because hiding in plain sight only strengthens Rosicrucian-style dominance, the cryptocracy dips further into the shadows. The book better describes the mind control that is as old as the Garden of Eden, in a deeper way than it’s predecessor, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, the book that he published in 1999 that accurately predicted the global mindfuck that was November 11, 2001. In our Blackjack year, 2021, this book is less of shock and more of a exploitation of what we have experienced between these two power points. Previously, Hoffman has educated through his works that Freemasonry has long achieved what it had set out to do, so this is where an original path takes on so much meaning in what I have referenced as our “post-truth” society, where the foundational matter has been revealed, but as stated earlier, has only taken on a more iron-fisted approach to control, and the cryptocracy thrives in an environment of dissolution and division.

The killing of the king (JFK), 9/11 as an alchemical ritual, the “psychic highway”, necromancy and anomalies from the media and official reports… we know it, we have read it, seen with our own eyes the magic that is used to create unprecedented division among so much more – so this material is not for opening previously “blind” eyes to oppression and lies, but it’s more of a call to separate oneself from the cryptocracy, and move forward into that corner that urges his work and the works of those who previously deciphered this growing extraordinary awareness (Downard’s King Kill 33, for example) to take action and never be fooled again the way previous generations were weakened by their own apathy.

Link for Twilight Language book by Michael Hoffman *click here*

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