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And so what does it mean? And does it require this kind of fighting?

When no flags adorn the poles outside the UN it comes with meaning.

Anna von Reitz·

No Flags — What Does It Mean? Numerous readers have contacted me, curious to know why there are no flags flying at the United Nations HQ in New York City—- and haven’t been since March 20, 2020. The removal of the flags indicates that the various for-profit governmental services corporations that have been operating “as” national governments, are all bankrupt. The actual national governments have yet to regroup and recoup and decide such things as whether or not they want to continue membership in an organization like the United Nations, which was being used as a store front for crime syndicates, and needs to be cleaned up like everything else. Donald Trump pulled the plug on all these corporations engaged in “legal” but unlawful activities, in violation of their charters and the obligations that allow them to exist. He also pulled the plug on all the “central banks”. It had to be done. Once he got into office and began digging, it became apparent to him, as it has to every single one of us who ever pulled a thread on the spider’s web — that the rot went far deeper and stretched far wider than anyone can imagine. It’s in the churches and the schools, it’s in the supermarkets and on the public roads, it’s in the businesses and the industries and whole economic sectors, it’s in this country and virtually every other country on Earth —and while we call it “the Swamp”, it could more aptly be called, “the Sewer from Hell”. If the problem were only inside the Beltway, it would be relatively easy to fix. We could unseat certain corrupt members of Congress, employ measures to bust monopolies, and hey, clean up the act, and move on. But no, my dears, this is a creeping grundge that has polluted and corrupted the entire world. Poor Donald Trump. He gave his word to clean up “The Swamp”, thinking of it as the Local Cesspool known as Washington, DC, but—once he got going, it became oh, so, horribly self-evident that “The Swamp” was worldwide, with big fangs sunk into even small businesses, and virtual armies of misdirected, ignorant public employees assaulting the people that they are supposed to serve on every continent. And the money? Well, what money? These corporations never had any actual money. All of these THINGS have run exclusively on credit for decades upon decades, and credit is not money. Credit is credit. And in our case, our credit was being stolen along with our identities and our assets, for generations. Most of the people living on this planet have been masterfully enslaved, lied to, deluded, tricked, and defrauded by charlatans claiming to “represent” them. We, Americans, have been no different than the rest. Now that you begin to see the absolutely massive size and scope of the problem, you can draw in your breath, and nobody will blame you. Now that you know that this has been brought to you by — literally– generations of politicians selected by both political parties, you have cause to stop and think: hey, both these political parties are responsible for this. And you can see the reason why it is absolutely urgent for you to get up off your couch and get yourselves organized. Lay in extra food and supplies to the extent possible. Declare your birthright political status — and not as any “citizen of the United States” —- as a State Citizen: a Virginian, a Texan, a Californian, a Wisconsinite….and publish it on the public record. Most of all, get involved in your State Assembly and support it and work together with your countrymen to build a firm foundation for it going forward. Your State Assembly and the Federation of States, The United States of America, is the only lawful government still standing. All the rest, as I have been telling you for years now, was just private, for-profit, foreign governmental services corporations in the business of selling you more and more and more services. And they are being liquidated for cause. So, you have to do what we always brag about and neglect. We have to self-govern. Thank God our ancestors left us good templates to do it. Go to: and get started today. We need you to bring all the help you possibly can. Donations toward this urgent work are desperately needed, too. Send to PayPal: Send by Mail: Anna Maria Riezinger, In care of: Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. We are also opening up website donation opportunities to directly support our Peacekeeping Forces — the Constitutional Sheriffs, the State Assembly Militias, the Continental Marshals, and the Peacekeeping Task Force. Let it be some comfort that you are not alone in the midst of this great crisis. There are already Americans on the job, already fifty Assemblies, already multiple websites and educational programs and so much more going on. Instead of being weary and confused and alone, wake up, America. This is a new day dawning and you can make of it what you will.

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