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There are important distinctions between the private and public realms and if one is able to navigate those ideas successfully perhaps the world would be a better place. While it is suggested to not go this route without assistance, these are fairly simple tactics for using the system for your benefit.

1. File a Non UCC-1 Financing Statement with your Sec of State to claim your DNA, cDNA, RNA, fingerprints, saliva, etc (to make a superior claim in case you get the vaccine and they try to copyright your DNA). Here is a good article that helps explain the purpose of this step.

2. File and publish a d.b.a. In your county you live in, use your ALL CAPS 3 names as your business, after that open a non-interest business checking acct (the IRS cannot levy a business acct

3. File a name change in your county to change the ALL CAPS 3 NAMES on the STATE COLB to the Upper/Lower case name. Take a certified copy to the SSA office and they will change it in all the govt computers.

4. Declare and Publish your Declaration of Status to change your Political Status from a U.S.citizen to a union state Citizen

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