Reperception Podcast


Exploration is not dead, regardless of what has been pounded into your head.  So I take every opportunity to read, experiment, observe and visit podcasts, meet the personalities and interact in their chat boards.   The “mainstream” consciousness is a strange thing, constant in change and vibration.

Humanity is at the doorstep of a change from what it once believed to a place in the sky charts where people know.  Use this workspace for sharing what you know about these Aquarian ideas and what you are learning from other working minds either in print or on the internet.   I am not a member of any group  and I am learning to live more free in a ever restrictive climate.  Will the changes we are experiencing free us of this choking restriction?   I am trying to talk to like-minded folks to further the conversation along.   Do you still believe the JFK assassination really happened as we were told?   Is vibration responsible for the creation of all form?  Are ideas intended to raise living men and women to a higher level occulted to prevent us from rising?   I’m trying to find topics of interest, and provide ideas and research and use the opportunity engage regardless if others agree or disagree with me. I’m focused on doing this with a community of respectful, non-judgemental peers. I do hope you find something you either agree with, relate to, disagree with, or simply want to see more.  Let’s hit foundational bedrock and find a way out of this together.

P.S. The image in this post is part of a series I completed in 2006. I will be offering limited edition prints (sans “REPERCEPTION”), coming soon.

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