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Desiccates have been injected into the skies and natural weather patterns have provably attacked our food supplies. If this keeps going at it’s current pace, and none of us stand up to fight back we are not going to have any food in a year from now. This “weather control,” which includes affecting the water supply, has been done by design. Hopefully you are not sitting in your Lazyboy thinking this lack of weather is natural because it is, without question, by design.

Look at the collective of weather related stories. If that does not motivate you to begin growing your own food, you’re going to be relying on those around you, and I’m not just trying to spread fear. This is not natural.

The millimeter waves are being beamed down, does it have to do with the Starlink? There are a lot of folks claiming it’s not real, being green screened, or whatever but all you have to do is look up and it’s there. There are weather systems but they keep getting blocked from ever dropping any water on us and it’s past time for us to wake up and demand answers. There is a cost to these actions, but waiting around and suffering when you can be taking action is the worst demise.

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