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So you think you got it on lock. That long video (with even longer words) you viewed with the #Kappy hashtag was a letdown. Hey, that video presenter had a giant #33 design across the front of his t-shirt! That dude is selling God at a fairly low monthly premium. And that one over there – what’s with the purple back-drop? He must be repping a defaulted queen. There’s a lot of action today on the Truth Stock Exchange©, short-selling is through the roof, fearporn and hell, even XXX-porn (which took off in the MCMLXXX’s, get it?) always helps get a raise.

Truth Stock Exchange© is a new feature for the Reperception website, and will feature a pool of who we feel are today’s biggest names spreading the idea of truth. Some of them are (most are) monetized, but there are some so-called truthers who believe truth must have no price slapped on top. That may be true, but I do have a few thoughts on websites or content providers who are charging for information rooted in truth. When you have such a lofty concept to begin with, you’re treading on perceptions, and it certainly does not hurt to keep this in the back of my mind when attempting to keep a neutral point of reference. There are so many moving parts it would be difficult to limit this exercise to merely hosts of popular podcasts, for example, though there may also be limitations, for example, excluding your plumber who talks backwards to you while explaining the damage. TBD.

I’ve followed some strange paths along my journey. I ran a fairly popular UFO meta-alert years ago, and a UFO blog that did well at its peak. But I have changed, and as I sort out the details, I yearn to keep my finger on the pulse of good information. A curious mind can be a foolish mind if the search isn’t guarded by the ability to use discernment. I have made a lot of mistakes and my next post will explain in better detail the one mistake I have continued to make despite internal and external pleadings.


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